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Gallup Solar

On Grid Installations Policy

12/5/15 Version


Gallup Solar (GS) will:


1)  facilitate the installation of solar PV systems in Gallup, McKinley County, Navajo or Zuni locations that are supplied by the grid via: public announcements, media videos, site visits, providing cost, return on investment, environmental impact estimates, & potential lending resources


2) donate PV panels to certain eligible households & provide systems at wholesale cost


3) fund part or all of the costs of certain installations as needed


4) work with area elected officials for applicant selection & support


5)  utilize legal & liability release insurance forms for volunteers involved in installations


6)  require GS Board of Directors approval for installation applications 


7)  require that a licensed electrician be in charge of an installation where required


8)  require that no payments to individuals involved that have direct a relationship to Board Members or be Board Members


9)  pursue grant funding and/or equipment donations for this purpose


10)  promote installations as educational, 'hands on', events for family members & volunteers with GS appointed supervisors


11)  promote water & energy energy audits & remediations


12)  work with city, coop & state agencies to reduce permitting costs & time


13)  appoint a GS On Grid Coordinator to supervisor or provide for all item's above


14) assure that Gallup Solar is not directly responsible for any installation:

      A) credit donors for all equipment

      B) assure that no permits are filed in the name of GS

      C) arrange for applicants or others pay for all needed equipment

      D) arrange for others to file any warranties

      E) assure that any repairs or poor workmanship issues are not the responsibility of GS

      F) assure that any harm to applicants from installations does not apply to GS.




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